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The entire universe, all existence, our planet, technology, ourselves, and even all our thoughts, feelings, experiences, life around us .. most recent calculations now increasingly prove that it all really just different forms of energy. Energy is expanding space in the form of vibrating waves. Only a single flicker of that wave can last forever but also can reach unimaginable speed of light. String oscillation wave can occupy space infinitely smaller than atoms but also waves of energy and can cover the entire universe.

People throughout its existence developed a different perception of the waves that make all of our reality. So there is a group of waves that we see as color, then there are groups of waves that we hear as sound. There are waves which we feel as heat on our skin, some waves pass through us without any interaction, others are subtracted from our bodies. There are waves that kill our cells and those who help them to recover. Repetition rate oscillation or speed of an event called the wave frequency and the same meaning and have names such as cycle, pulse, period, or event such as flickering or stroke. Therefore, the stirrings of the heart or stroke some tunes we call pulses, waves of energy such as run-season call cycles, and our birth, life and death determine recurring events at regular intervals.

Up to now, technology has been able to expand the spectrum of waves that we can experience, feel, use, and utilize in an inexplicable way. As an example, apart from the thermal and light waves emitted by our body, which we can directly perceive, there is also a wide spectrum of other waves of different frequencies and energies emitted by our bodies, depending on whether we dream or dream, whether we are awake, relaxed or active, we stretch the physical body or think of some intense thoughts. We all know that the frequencies of these waves measure EEG and their repetition rate may be less than one to a hundred times per second. Looking at the other side of the universe, only a quarter of his almost endlessly repeating wave lasts for one whole eternity. The machines we have created today can detect a wide spectrum of waves emitting bodies in the universe, that is, electromagnetic waves in their full spectrum of energy, from pleasant radio waves to the devastating gamma of radiation emitted by some celestial bodies. Gamma waves vibrate at frequencies greater than 10 at 20 times per second, and this is the number behind 10 that has more 20 zeros. We remind ourselves that the most intense human thoughts emit waves up to a hundred changes per second.

Modern physics proves that matter does not exist in its basic form. All around us are actually just waves. Only watching the waves, man creates or perceived matter. Matter is thus only one of our personal perception wave.

The authors of these web sites are dealing with waveform technology. Let us remind ourselves that a person can enjoy the individual groups of waves, such as the melodies of sounds or shapes of light. However, it is important to understand that here it is not exclusively about machines built to form such waves of generating sound or such reflection of light on shaped surfaces. This is also a reverse process in which the ubiquitous vibrating waves of energy transform into perception of matter, but in a way that they have the ability to add and incorporate creator and observer energy into a single wave that thereby achieves the highest possible harmonicity of the titration. Such a way of creating people is popularly called heartbreaking, with feelings, with self-confidence ... Essentially, everything really comes down to heart rate, wave of feeling, vibration, frequency, and energy of creation. These leading forces of creation are contained and united in the name of uWroWave.


Steampunk is a style of creation that begins with the first industrial revolution and the invention of a steam engine, and then continues to develop into further possible futurisms whose boundaries are determined only by the personality of the human imagination and the spirit of man's creation. Here, therefore, as the starting point of creation, the visual and sensory foundation of the first mechanical machines and the fascination that the observer provides are robust, solid and stable synchronized mechanical elements of these first complex devices, and then ceases to follow the real path of technological development leading to cheap artificial materials, virtual Digital algorithms, inconvenient serial electronic elements, and generally inexpensive consumer technology that no longer reveals its actual internal mechanism to the user. Instead, it wants to make a move away from today's micro and nano technology, which by its nature does not have a direct interaction with human senses, but on the other hand it seeks to improve the possibilities of the first mechanical, thermal and electrical machines, giving them the properties of modern achievements. It is therefore a kind of retro futuristic style, where, ultimately, it is not so vital to the ultimate complete functionality of the idea of ​​a direct visual and sensory experience of the machine. Thus, natural materials such as iron, copper, brass and wood that guarantee direct visual appeal, durability and durability are made by machine elements such as hoops, gears, pipes, cylinders and axles, and with the help of knowledge, imagination and persistence are made by technologically advanced machines of the future . It is important to note that there is no time or technological limit. An artist can create an industrial revolution that begins in the stone or bronze age, and equally develops technology that the present will not reach in the next thousand years. Of course, the parallel technology world created in this way follows all other spheres of human existence, creation and expression. Fashion, art, music, painting, design and interior decoration, literature ... all these are areas that follow the world of steampunk and adapt to the current trend of the steampunk revolution. The authors of these web pages bring fashion details, art jewelery and aesthetic ornaments from this world.


The heart is the perfect machine. Strikes between one to two fundamental wave every second and they produce around 2,5 billion during his lifetime. Like any other machine heart suffers the destructive effects of foreign energy the debilitating, damaging, prenaprežu and in all other ways ejected from the normal harmony beats. Therefore, it needs constant repairs and maintenance to prolong his life span and ensure the stability and consistency of vibrations. Laughter, joy, happiness and love cause waves of happiness and satisfaction, but we say that they heal our hearts. For opposing energy people say they come in periodic bursts of sadness and depression or in waves of pain. We do not directly see our heart, we often do not want to be not aware, our psychological defense mechanisms that make us forget all healed shock and repaired the wounds in the heart of living for us no thought to the resulting scars and new failures. Once all the waves in the heart transformed directly visible matter then arise croWave heart. Why croWave? Because the symbolism of the title lies in the peaks amplitude spectral waveform of the word, which takes the form cardiogram one heartbeat that keeps us directly aware of the need of safeguarding and nurturing our life mechanism of existence.


For raven binds extremely large and varied range of different energies which are composed of a number of positive and negative vibrations. His black body that radiates not even one color sometimes leaves a bad perception of matter. Dark forces, ominous predictions and warnings, dark, destruction, deceit and death. However, despite its black raven in the observations of many civilizations actually represents the sun. Protector, messenger, teacher, sage and creator. Raven is ubiquitous in many legends, records, stories, cultures and almost all holy books. They are its life cycle changes from positive to negative and vice versa. His feathers were white, and then converted to black. He was considered a deity and a demon. Raven constantly monitors the change wave amplitude from positive to negative and vice versa. The modulation of his voice is unique and distinctive. In its natural nature raven can imitate other birds voting and sounds from your environment, even speech. One of the few inhabitants of heaven who can communicate and transmit information to its kind. Once these useful information, sometimes they can be misleading. Raven is known to play and have fun. There can be almost anywhere and draw energy from almost anything. Customizable is a tricky and intelligent. The authors of this website have been installed in croWave its symbolism and its unique features modulation sound inspired the project CrowDub.


Theremin is an electronic musical instrument on which a melody is created by moving the arms around its antennae. There are theremini with only one antenna on which it is possible to control only the pitch and theremini with two antennas where the other is used to control the volume. In addition to antennas (which can be in the form of rods or plates), ultrasonic sensors, lasers, etc. can be used as sensors for the position of the performer's hands in similar electronic instruments, and sound processing can be digital or analog. Common to all these instruments is that they are played without any physical contact. They have no solid scales or mechanisms to determine the notes to be played, other than the position of the player's hands. The invention of the theremin in 1919 marked a revolutionary change in the ways of thinking about musical instruments and the ways in which it is possible to produce music from them so that it represents not only progress in the construction of electronic musical instruments but also the beginning of a new style of creating music. instruments.

DUB is a genre of music that originated from reggae music in the 1960s and is usually considered a subgenre of that type of music although it has developed and expanded beyond the scope of reggae. The main feature of dub is the remix of an original music recording by removing the vocals and emphasizing the drums and bass (such a bare version is called "riddim"), and the resulting melody is manipulated by adding various dynamic effects such as echo, reverb, delay and the like, through the insertion of various sounds (natural or electronically generated) all the way to adding parts from some other music recordings.

CROW DUB is analog generator FX sound effects with wide possibilities of generating, modulating and synthesizing the various individual sounds, sound effects and sequences that are used in making music like DUB and his ilk genres.

Pleasant and without the need to learn notes and painstaking years of playing practice, combining just one or two controls of CROW DUB you will be able to incredibly faithfully, easily, effectively and perfectly not only simulate sound but also directly create the melody of many musical instruments, from the flute and bagpipes, through violin, trumpet and electric guitar, to the exotic sound of theremin and other "space" sounds ranging from the bass that causes your body to vibrate to high frequencies that create a hallucinogenic effect on your hearing with a perfect vibrato. Very soon after getting acquainted with CROW DUB you will be able to create natural sounds from eg crickets and birds singing, through the sounds of different engines to modulated sounds that mimic a human voice or whistling.