Theremin is an electronic music instrument on which the melody is created by moving hands around its antennas. There are only one antenna available to control only the sound level and the two antenna antennas where the second one is used to control the volume of the sound. In addition to antennas (which can be in the form of rods or panels), ultrasonic sensors, lasers and the like can be used as handheld instrument sensors in similar electronic instruments and the processing of the sound can be digital or analog. Common to all these instruments is to play without any physical contact. They do not have any solid scales or mechanisms that determine the notes that are played except the position of the player's hand. The invention of XEMUMX. a revolutionary change in the ways of thinking about music instruments and the ways in which music can be produced from them, so that it is not only a step forward in the construction of electronic music instruments, but also the beginning of a new style of creating the music of the "rigidity" of classical instruments.

Basically, theremin is playing in a way that by moving the right hand around the antenna to the sound level, the sound level changes, and the vertical movement of the left hand around the antenna for the sound strength changes its strength. By approaching the hand to the antennas, the sound level increases, ie the sound strength decreases, while the reverse effect is when the hand is removed from the antenna. The imaginary pitch and sound strength scales can be adjusted at a wide range of amplitudes to suit the individual requirements of the player, and in certain limits the color and sharpness of the otherwise highly specific output sound of the theremins can be adjusted.

For most music instruments, months or years of hard work and exercise are needed to make some sense out of them. When playing a toe is the most important feeling, with the precision of hand shift play an important but not a crucial role. Here it is most important to be in close touch with your feelings with all your senses.

Our own feelings on the one hand and melodies on the other hand are two wonderful and spacious worlds. By creating countless musical instruments, and with the long-lasting, dedicated, and persistent work on them, people have always striven for joining the two worlds. The feelings and the worlds that fill us in so much are strong and special that even a passive observer of a melodic artist clearly feels part of those experiences. However, in spite of the numerous musical instruments and soundtracks, nature has in most ways restricted some people, if not disabling their own communication between these worlds. We all listen, listening and enjoying the harmonious performances of the singers' melodies, we see enough of what drives our interest but we are often inclined to believe that it is in vain to indulge in our own research of what seems equally painful and beautiful, , knowledge or ways to create similar achievements ourselves. But recently, seriously diving into the design and study of this specific instrument, I have found that the research in question is nevertheless ineffective, or that the path is shaken by irreducible obstacles, but that there is much room for at least basic perceptions, whereby you are not no exaggerated mind, talent, or skill. To assert that there are some special hidden features in this instrument that work and produce visible effects on the player with a minimum of effort, it is the same as saying nothing; but to exhale two or three simple movements of your feelings and then feel that the effect of the produced sound waves undoubtedly follows the flow of our feelings, but this is truly a fascinating achievement that will undoubtedly change the progress of our inner creation.


The block diagram illustrates the principle of theremina. It consists of three oscillators operating in the same frequency band with the same central frequency.

The oscillator frequencies for the height and the sound strength are changed by changing the capacitance between the oscillator antenna and grounding. Grounding is the body of the player, and by attaching the body, the antenna increases the capacitance and thus the oscillator frequency, and vice versa. The reference oscillator operates at a given frequency at all times, eg 455 kHz. The frequency of the reference oscillator and the sound level oscillator (f1 and f2) are mixed in the mixer at whose output we get the sum (f1 + f2) and the difference (f1-f2) of these two frequencies. The low-pass filter filters the sum of frequencies, which in our example is about 900 kHz, and only the frequency difference ranges in the audio range of about 10 Hz to 2 kHz. If the frequencies of both oscillators are the same, there is no frequency difference between mixer output and no audio signal. The sinusoidal waveform of the audio signal from the filter can be distorted in signals similar to a rectangular or pillar waveform, thereby creating a suitable connection between the reference oscillator and the pitch tone oscillator to obtain different sharpness and color of the output sound.

The low-pass filter audio signal amplifies the NF amplifiers to the level required for line output to the power amplifier or directly to connect the speaker or headphone.

The sound level oscillator is adjusted so that its frequency falls by approaching the hand antenna. The signal of this oscillator is led to a band filter whose central frequency is slightly higher than the highest frequency of the oscillator for the sound power. If the oscillator frequency increases, the output signal strength from the band filter also increases and vice versa. The image chart shows how the strength of the output signal from the band filter depends on its characteristic at the center frequency. The output signal is then transformed by a diode detector and filter into a DC voltage that is further amplified in the amplifier and limited to a suitable range for controlling the output signal strength from the mixer.


Theremin is an instrument that is not easy to make or easy to please. On the internet you can find dozens of electronic schemes for making thermines, however, many performances of theremins have a number of drawbacks that significantly affect the quality of the output signal, to the extent that they are ultimately unable to successfully use to create melodies, but may only serve only in some experimental purposes. The biggest disadvantages of such theremins are inconsistency of sound, large nonlinearity and small range of sound scales on antennas, small tonal volume (octave range), inability to form output signal, and inability to adjust bandwidth and scale in athens, with some theremins only having a height antenna tons (ie they do not have a sound amplifier antenna). On the other hand, a quality theremin requires a very precise adjustment of oscillators, filters and voltages at certain electronic stages of the instrument, and achieving an antenna resonance with equalization circuits in order to overcome these negative effects. Therefore, in self-construction, you will face the need for precise design of a large number of key elements (variable coils, transformers, filters, and antennas), and the adjustment of these is difficult due to the need to compensate for the various parasitic capacities that will occur during assembly of the device into the housing, then preventing the heterodynamic the effect of other unwanted phenomena that are otherwise characteristic of RF technology.

The quality of the theremins in our country is difficult to obtain and their prices range from 3500 kn to the next. In short, only the basic electronic components for the production of high quality theremina make the cost of at least 1000 kn, then it is not neglected to mention the necessity of functional and practical antenna performance as well as the achievement of total satisfactory aesthetics of the finished instrument. These descriptions I give from my own experience and after the created series of theremins based on the available electronic schemes, most of which were disappointing both in terms of possibilities as well as sound quality. My last made theremin product is all of the experiences I have gained and put it into the category of quality devices of this kind. Since I want to continue studying and making similar "contactless" musical instruments, I offer this theremin for sale at a price of 1000 kn, which is the price of the parts needed to make it. The antennas of this thermometer can be easily assembled and dismantled for easier transport and storage, and you will also get a power adapter and a removable stand that will set theremin at a suitable playback height. You can see his appearance on the two above pictures. For more information, write to: theremin.neva@gmail.com


Is there a multitude of worlds or is there only one? This is one of the most noble and most exciting questions in the study of nature. During its existence, man develops and forms into certain physical and emotional forms of the human being, and we can be seen as two worlds between which we are making our own connections. Feelings reveal to the human being a far larger and stronger world than those that can encompass our physical senses, and this world is not a separate or unreal product of our imagination, but the actual dimension of a unique universe available to man's perception and which we can truly feel in a real and deep sense feel. The door of the senses and feelings are adjoining and the same. We can strive to shape the secrets of distant and other worlds, but we too carry endlessly many boundless worlds - stages where all of our plans, all our navigation and all our victories and defeats are taking place. These worlds are so spacious that the whole physical universe with all of its stars is insignificant compared to them. And there are living beings that are lurking in our minds and hidden in our feelings that, without ceasing, create the sounds of harmonious melodies of existence.

Nature does not reveal its secrets at once to everyone. Everyday, making multiple demands on the business plan and in private life requires a great deal of energy, support, and confidence, and to keep it all the time we need it, it is necessary to maintain a proper connection between its physical and non-physical worlds. Modern society has produced a number of more or less successful ways to maintain these relationships (eg, different hobbies, recreation, travel, arts, social networks, etc.), and the goal is to connect us to some other world in which we can identify our own inner source and power of its scope. Now I dare say that there is no language that is more universal and simpler, more free from mistakes and unclear melody. The diversity of our feelings that we create every day is so great, and the treasures hidden in our hearts are so rich that the human mind will never get tired of fresh melodies.

The vision and experience of the other world can only be achieved by listening to the melody whereby our sense of fulfillment and existence will follow just as much as we are capable of entering into this world by showing an active interest in harmonizing with it. However, no melody can help you achieve such a resonance of feelings world as your own. And it is enough to recognize only a fraction of the positive dimension and connect it with our own strength and energy that we already have for life to raise awareness of ourselves and our existence. In this way, we will be able to develop the ability to create our own melodies, and to build the persistence of not giving up on them, already boldly creating tirelessly and further discovering our own worlds that will extend the boundaries of our perception. Only in this way can we achieve a sense of self-satisfaction, which will prevent the return to bad patterns of life and behavior and maintain a good continuity and balance in everything we care about. Only then will we be able to think positively with great, immense and continuous emotional stability, thinking of love and respect of immaterial nature, emotional and spiritual recognition of persons, which is in fact the ability to recognize their own feelings and feelings of other people who are not all equal built.

A human being needs one substance that contains all of this in itself and can awaken all sensory areas in man if he himself is unable to develop in many crucial moments. This instrument is devoted to exploring exactly that human dimension.


(From a special person's letter)

"... Sometimes I use a pleasant opportunity to indulge in the melody of this pleasant and well-balanced sound that is controlled by my own energy, and through the melody I clearly recognize all my depth of emotion and the openness of feeling, then I can replace darkness in my understanding with the sound I used to listen to with full understanding and respect I have a terrible feeling of another world, slowly closing the door of everyday life and opening the world of my bravest thoughts. "There is something magnificent in such a vision of life."